Welcome in the world of tomorrow.

That was the background of my last story. I put up on how Dell was going to use Linux to be more efficent in money making and just the day later they announce that they will fire 10% of their workers, 8000 people on the street, to make even more profit? Rings a bell??? Paying for Linux? Screw yourself…

You might want to read my comment to clear up any heat of debate: http://peterpp…workers-did-i-predict-it/#comment-113


Welcome in the world of tomorrow.

While Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are hanging out together and having a great time on stage, we see Linux move foward to – whatever – nothing. The guy who brought Linux on the Dell finally got that done but where is the Linux world really heading? Nowhere!

Nothing has happened in the user-friendly section really only a few HIG and “Lets create a friendly GUI” groups have come together to do some background work that never made it to the final desktop. Just an awesome sign on how well the Linux development process is going. If we would be in a large cooperation there would be a meeting where the Desktop market would be killed off to only go for the Server market. But no one wants Linux to be commercial but none the less the major ones have decided upon Linux future and the Linux developers haven’t listened to the people, to the real users. So Red Hat, Novell and IBM continue to make money from Linux and contribute as much as they need to maintain their level of profit from Linux. Nothing against the rules of course but shouldn’t they listen to users too? Will they only support the mainstream Desktop when Linux already is starting to win it over? This is just crap. The Dell guys finally are making profit from Linux and why are they offering Linux? Because a lot of people said “Offer Linux and you get my f***ing money” and what do these companys want? Money! This is a complete sell-out. Linux is handing itself over to the capitalists without getting something in return. The people over at Dell could have spend 3-6 months talking to developers and setting up a plan to get a Ubuntu/Linux on their machines that would come right off with a nice Desktop, Media Center-thing and awesome applications, maybe finally a nice Office suite and a good working photo editor and not the crappy GIMP that isn’t user friendly at all. Just spending some money on it and offering a Mac-like Desktop that would blow away the customers but, no, it would cost something and therefore they didn’t do it. It’s the same with Apple. They did share some code with the Linux community, like browser stuff from the KDE people and now Mac finally runs on Intel-machines but, hey wait, they won’t show their code to everyone to make Mac run on all the Intel-machines. They took something that was good and made money out of it and boom they are gone. Negative. Welcome to the Linux sell-out, no but who will speak up???

What coming up in the Linux world? Anything positive?

KDE 4, welcome to the never ending story. They will pull together the strings and put something out there that is new but they won’t have the potential to bring on the desktop revolution. Timewise. Moneywise.

Gnome, welcome to the not existing future of this project… Lets stay 2.x forever and ever and ever…

Linux 2.8, never to happen…

Time for some comments???

Okay I thought it would happen and they did do it. Dell basicly dumped Ubuntu in a way. They put it on the website and made it look like its only for the technic guys and the geeks and the whatsoevers… and its not even really integrated in the real website but in an extra part of it including a special WARNING message… Linux is coming… be afraid.

The worst thing that comes into the game too is that Mark Shuttleworth is now getting the credit for being a Linux hero? Well he was the guy who took some money and pulled together an acceptabel distro that worked pretty well out of the box. WHAT CAN’T MONEY BUY??? He is the same sellout as Apple. The iPhone the unexpected expected super-mobile-phone!? Both of them just put the things together people like you and me were saying for years and the are now starting to make money of it! I hope Mark will put it back into the community. The person who should really get some credit is Linus Torvalds and other people maybe around the GNOME team and so on. Mark did play a role but a well paid one.

I know a very critical way to look upon these things but thats the way I look upon this deal. Another one of the downsides of this deal is that, right now, it’s USA-only which totally sucks! I heard this argument all around the web already but I will repeat it: Europe is the part of the world where Ubuntu has its origins so an intelligent business man would sell it were it already is having a great audience… well done Dell. Well done Mark.

So I started more on the Ubuntu/Kubuntu side and now moved more to a general Linux view, thats where I will stay, but I still want to have a good look at the most-popular distro at the moment, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu, because its KDE and shows diffrent approached, and then will put that together as somehow a comparison-review-idea-suggestion-document.

One of the ideas that bothered me today a lot was that we saw a lot of copycat stuff around the KDE and GNOME desktops from other OS systems and not fantastic new ideas, that where KDE 4 is heading but I hope that my ideas might even help the KDE guys to create a new great desktop. GNOME 3 though is more a myth then anything real yet.

Stay tuned… and hey, no feedback on the Dell-Ubuntu-Deal yet? Read it again and comment on it and spread the word. 

So what happened to me? I was taking some time-off and getting my head free for new thoughts and this is what I will continue from this day on and I will try to concentrate on the real issues that Linux (and Ubuntu and Co) is/are facing and will try to deliver my solutions and suggestions.

A critical view on: The Dell-Ubuntu DEAL or What has happened?

A very nice Dell-Ubuntu deal came around, though long-time foreseeable it had to take a nearby financial crash of a major computer seller to recognize the power of Linux but, hey, Linux did indeed not recognize it’s power and couldn’t bring up the solution in an easy way. Just for thoughts… Michael Dell/the Dell guys made the deal with Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, and not directly with Linus Torvalds. We don’t know if some money went around in this deal, but the sad thing is that now the world will get to know the Ubuntu-way of Linux but cannot live the full world of Linux and why is that? Because of Linux. All the users will get the pre-installed Ubuntu and will be able to access the pretty much standard package feed and thats it. No, we are not looking into the breaking-through Linux revolution and that is too because Dell will probably offer the Ubuntu PCs on business PCs. Thats when the deal starts to smell funny. I don’t want to say that this deal is bad for Linux but it is mainly good for Ubuntu and not as good for Linux as a complete Operating System because it won’t help sorting out long-time conflicts that will really bring Linux forward as I touched these topics before and will in the future.

Now take it further – and bring my blog in the game – so which components will Dell deliver with Ubuntu. All perfectly open-source-driver-available-hardware???

Dell updated its policy on driver support of new Linux desktop and notebook products to use open source drivers in kernel.org where possible (Source: http://direct2dell.com/one2one/archive/2007/05/01/13147.aspx)

Yes, I heard the people who wrote comments about my bcm43xx-ideas but what I’m saying now is that Dell of course break these rules and wont bring new drivers into the community and therefore at the end: Dell is just seeking a new way for maximum profits! And the community might just give Dell this – for free – this is where I want to ask, shouldn’t the community profit openly with free(ed) knowledge while Dell makes the (closed) deals?

I haven’t yet seen people who raised these questions and when on some points the community does raise questions about GPL issues I think we will know reach moral issues and therefore a new discussions might have to take place, now!

It should be made clear to Dell and the companies Dell-seels and therefore represents, for example NVIDIA and ATI for strong graphic card sales, that they should OPEN UP THEIR DRIVERS or the community won’t help out Dell in their forums to give every user support – for free – so Dell’s profit, rises and rises, and rises…..

That’s it for today, I hope I made you think.

It seems to me that the KVM package is broken because my system won’t work with it as other users are reporting the same issue. I think that KVM is one of the bigger features that is coming in 7 and that it really needs to be fixed.

And please do so cause it will make it easier for me to get my Windows XP VM running with good speed.

Yeah, I thought that was going to be an easy one. Putting Windows XP in a little VM and then move the data. Well I don’t know if the VM think is going to work out that nicely which means I need another solution but there isn’t one. Just these few Windows apps I need to run all the time and they won’t run with wine either so what the hell to do now? Seems to be unsolveable for the moment but I will sleep a night and new ideas will float around.

KDE 4 seems to make nice progress these days which brings me to the best idea so far… well Kubuntu 7 is a lie it’s more like a Kubuntu 6 and a half (yeah I should print the right version numbers but I won’t). It’s nothing more then a few bug fixes and a little of features but taken it all together it’s still a bad release cause the “new number” promises much. Kubuntu 7 (how the hell did ( )ubuntu even get up to 7 so fast, those skippers) should be the KDE 4 release.

Well very nice on the other side KVM is not doing the job. Need to use KQemu at the moment which is not as fast as KVM so that bothers me.

The next step is to get my system up and running and then put in one of the damn VMs the Kubuntu 7 beta or release – coming up soon – and then do the review that will smash it to the ground. Sorry guys but thats just the facts and I will prove them. So far no one has commented on my thoughts so you’re welcome to!

That’s it for tonight.

Yeah, Kubuntu Feisty beta scared me that much that I just had to take a look at the Ubuntu Feisty beta instead and I liked it right away so I thought I will change to the Ubuntu base for now and later on (well probably we’re talking about KDE4-Kubuntu-times) I will switch. That doesn’t mean I won’t do the review cause I want to put up the Kubuntu but even more KDE 3 Review so the KDE (4) developers can profit of that so I will install Kubuntu in a VM pretty soon, yes I could run in on my Ubuntu machine but I want it to be a pure Kubuntu experience so a closed environment will do the better job. I just need to switch over my Windows machine into a VM and get it setup under Ubuntu and then Kubuntu will follow the minute after and the Review will get started.

The only problem at the moment is that I’m not sure how to present it in a very nice way. Screenshots will be pretty big so I might do the review on 800×640 or 1024×800 and write it as a OpenOffice Writer or Word 2007 document but of course will present it as HTML and PDF at the end. Well we will how it turns out… STAY TUNED!!!

Today I took Kubuntu to the next level and put on the right graphic driver which went pretty good though I did research before so I didn’t see a perfect way that the user would have a guided driver installation. I would put that on the ToDo list too because when the graphics are gone a simple user doesn’t work on a shell that easily and can’t do the trick to put back in an old xorg.conf backup that works and so on.

Then getting beryl to run, nice site the beryl project got there and nice wiki but what the hell are their doing there? It’s basicly a “throw everything out there” wiki so every solution is possible but why doesn’t someone just make it work right away?

Well here is my version of the thing…

1. Install fglrx package
2. Modify xorg.conf (put the composite-thing disable) in (by the way: removed all the wacom stuff, what the hell is that for???)
3. Got xgl, beryl and emerald and aquamarine in my case
4. Took the startupxgl.sh from the wiki  (ubuntu feisty installation) and put exec beryl at the end

Sounds pretty easy in these little 4 steps and didn’t take to long but how in the world could someone that doesn’t know that much about computer should do it?

Okay, still questionable if beryl should be a default install/available thing because the manager is so full of things that again “too much”!

Well fancy beryl stuff for me today but is it really usefull?

I’ve just been using it for a few hours and I’m scared of the many mistakes that are coming up in this release. The system settings dialogues are the worst I’ve ever seen! Full of settings but often useless or badly organized how should a normal computer user use this control center to get things right on his computer!!!???

I will start to write an report about all the issues but for now let me bring up some examples so nobody can say that I’m just throwing it out here.

For example: KNetworkManager is a nice one and can configure the network quite nice though the Network Settings module from System Settings does not equal it in functions so you can’t use WPA for example in static configuration in the later one but still KNetworkManager links to the Network Settings dialogue when you click on static connection. Very bad in my opinion!

Well just the whole system settings thing is messed up, take the style settings where the user is offered options he cannot even comprehend well even I don’t want to set every edge of my KDE theme a diffrent way and so on. Don’t let the user get lost!!!

Language configuation is screwed… when there is German installed for OpenOffice it opens up in German on an account that has set it’s own language to English. Happy using for an international user who doesn’t know German quite well.

Yeah and I love those System settings dialogue that have the hidden Administrator Mode button so you need to scroll down and to the right before you can click it. Damn it! Get these dialogues short, simple and easy!

I will start to write all the details next to screenshots pretty soon so stay tuned!