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So what happened to me? I was taking some time-off and getting my head free for new thoughts and this is what I will continue from this day on and I will try to concentrate on the real issues that Linux (and Ubuntu and Co) is/are facing and will try to deliver my solutions and […]

Yeah, Kubuntu Feisty beta scared me that much that I just had to take a look at the Ubuntu Feisty beta instead and I liked it right away so I thought I will change to the Ubuntu base for now and later on (well probably we’re talking about KDE4-Kubuntu-times) I will switch. That doesn’t mean […]

Today I took Kubuntu to the next level and put on the right graphic driver which went pretty good though I did research before so I didn’t see a perfect way that the user would have a guided driver installation. I would put that on the ToDo list too because when the graphics are gone […]

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