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Read it and give me your comments. It’s rewritten, shorter and I think stronger then the first version. Enjoy reading! Read it here: Advertisements

Just an interesting note. A lot of people who enter this blog and find it with google, … come here with the terms “ubuntu broke kvm feisty” or “bcm43xx issue” or something similar. I haven’t checked the situation lately but this makes me seem that they put out an release that had two significant problems […]

It seems to me that the KVM package is broken because my system won’t work with it as other users are reporting the same issue. I think that KVM is one of the bigger features that is coming in 7 and that it really needs to be fixed. And please do so cause it will […]

Yeah, I thought that was going to be an easy one. Putting Windows XP in a little VM and then move the data. Well I don’t know if the VM think is going to work out that nicely which means I need another solution but there isn’t one. Just these few Windows apps I need […]