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Read it and give me your comments. It’s rewritten, shorter and I think stronger then the first version. Enjoy reading! Read it here: Advertisements

Well I promised it somehow… here it comes: (or click on the top the tab “the guide to”) Well worth a read and yes it’s long but it includes a lot of ideas so read it and comment on it and spread the word! Thanks!

It has bugged me from the beginning that KDE was going to be the little sister of big brother GNOME in the Ubuntu distro. That’s why I began to state the whole issue by just referring to the website of both of the projects. A reader commented on this post and made me feel even […]

Just an interesting note. A lot of people who enter this blog and find it with google, … come here with the terms “ubuntu broke kvm feisty” or “bcm43xx issue” or something similar. I haven’t checked the situation lately but this makes me seem that they put out an release that had two significant problems […]

So I started more on the Ubuntu/Kubuntu side and now moved more to a general Linux view, thats where I will stay, but I still want to have a good look at the most-popular distro at the moment, Ubuntu, and Kubuntu, because its KDE and shows diffrent approached, and then will put that together as […]

It seems to me that the KVM package is broken because my system won’t work with it as other users are reporting the same issue. I think that KVM is one of the bigger features that is coming in 7 and that it really needs to be fixed. And please do so cause it will […]

Yeah, I thought that was going to be an easy one. Putting Windows XP in a little VM and then move the data. Well I don’t know if the VM think is going to work out that nicely which means I need another solution but there isn’t one. Just these few Windows apps I need […]

Yeah, Kubuntu Feisty beta scared me that much that I just had to take a look at the Ubuntu Feisty beta instead and I liked it right away so I thought I will change to the Ubuntu base for now and later on (well probably we’re talking about KDE4-Kubuntu-times) I will switch. That doesn’t mean […]

I’ve just been using it for a few hours and I’m scared of the many mistakes that are coming up in this release. The system settings dialogues are the worst I’ve ever seen! Full of settings but often useless or badly organized how should a normal computer user use this control center to get things […]

Just got going with the Feisty Fawn Herd 5 test release of Kubuntu and it’s not the state of testing I’m complaining about, it’s more thinks have been probably on Kubuntu already for a longer time but putting a 7. out there before fixing these issues is a mistake because users will think – wow […]