Getting back, status…. KDE 4


I was gone for some days. Nothing happened here. Well there was a storm over the blog when the 100% guide appeared and I’m going to continue this project.

For now there is something ahead what I want to touch first: the (100%) Kubuntu Review. I’m probably going to start with Kubuntu, Ubuntu maybe to follow. Just to show which issues are there and what really needs to be fixed. This will include touching the bcm43xx issue, the KDE basic install (that is ugly, yes!!!) and other problems that are just there and could be fixed easily.

I’m getting impressed with KDE 4. Finally some media coverage is appearing around this awesome project and day by day new facts appear on the edge of the KDE 4.0 release. I’m still not convinced that there should have been a fixed date and I still think that the .0 release will lag somethings that shouldn’t follow in .1 but I hope that the project will more and more be a success right from the beginning. I hope with my Kubuntu review I might be able to support KDE development. I want to help so much but the only thing I can do is GUI work and how the user wants to see the desktop. I think an important thing because the user is what counts at the end. Lets see what will be released in October. Hope is there.

I think I did put good points in the 100%-Linux-success-guide but I know that it needs more work to be more representable for the Linux as it is now and to be accepted by more people. I still think it was an awesome example for the Linux world and the world today. Put it online, got some PR, somehow read – some liked it some didn’t, forgot!? I want to work hard not to make it just some waste in the net-universe. I will take all the comments I received and work them in the guide. I will rework the whole thing to make it more reality-close then before and more precise on what to do!

Linux. Open. Forever.


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