Dear readers!


Welcome to the readers coming over through StumbleUpon, Digg, VistaSucks and LinuxToday and everybody else!

With the guide I started a rough draft for a way to get Linux mainstream and I would love to develop this idea further so at the end there could be a complete roadmap.  What do I need? I need a lot of comments and I of course have to keep on writing and changing the text because the first draft was just written and released. No readthrough and check everything once again. I can give more details and we could start changing the Linux world as of today! 

The first idea: “The Fund Open Source/Linux projects website”

What does Linux need? An official website from the Open Source Labs that lets users create paid tasks that they want to get done and are willing to pay for. The only rule is: you pay and share it with the whole community because if others pay you get their code aswell. This could create a wild community that could put a lot of work into Linux! Even this idea has to be thought through before it can go online or so but well maybe get the official Linux groups a mail?

Well this just popped up in my head a few hours ago and here it is online. Do what you want with it! It has no patents on it ;)…


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