No vision for KDE 4? No breakthrough?


I’ve been researching the backgrounds around the current KDE 4 development and I’m missing the existence of a vision for the 4.0 desktop. It doesn’t seem to me that the innovation that was promised to arrive with 4.0 is going to be in the 4.0 release. One of the reasons is probably that there is no general plan that puts all the pieces of KDE together and completes to something Leopard-vision like!

No vision and no breakthrough release for the Linux desktop?

This is the question that keeps my mind going these days. The hope that is in this release is huge but no we probably won’t see the spotlight-like search engine integrated deep inside and the timemachine-like backup function or how about the new idea behind the desktop that is really reinventing the desktop and not like Leopard just moving around a few things. I’m saddend.

The worst part is that we are looking at a crucial roadmap and that there are already features being set back to 4.1… so 4.0 a prerelease?

I’m confused. The Linux desktop in evolution or is the evolution being broken?


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