Supporting the Kommunity? Why KDE/Kubuntu has to be supported!


It has bugged me from the beginning that KDE was going to be the little sister of big brother GNOME in the Ubuntu distro. That’s why I began to state the whole issue by just referring to the website of both of the projects. A reader commented on this post and made me feel even stronger about this point. Thanks for this post. It is really important to point out that KDE is much more promising then GNOME at the moment and that KDE 4.0 will probably start a new era of Linux Desktop computing but at the same time GNOME keeps on playing with 2.20 and some plans for 2.22, nothing for a 3.0 yet. The only thing I found so far on that is that some years ago some people were thinking about forking GNOME 2.x to create a 3.x that would bring new technology into GNOME. These plans later on changed so the project put new technology in the 2.x line but never started to think about bringing new concepts on the desktop. Most of the new Linux Desktop ideas made their way through KDE like SuperKaramba was long before the GNOME-thing, styles and themes became hot around the KDE-look community, KDE-apps is popping up lots of apps, … but most of all next to having all these awful dialogs in KDE, the KDE project started with Guidelines to create much more likeable GUIs and continued to improve its desktop despite I still think it is messy in 3.x but I hope and might even get involved to ensure that KDE 4.0 will be a charm for the user.  KDE is also going for the cross-platform award and will bring hopefully some apps to the Win/Mac world with 4.0 including ones like amaroK and the KOffice suite.  Amarok is one of the first apps I really consider in the killer-app section and could actually take on the iTunes market if well planned. Together with new promising technology in KDE 4 like Plasma, Solid, Decibel and so on, we can expect a desktop with the potential to blow away some peoples mind and line the KDE desktop up with a Mac OS X Leopard – if well done – but only, and here comes my point, TOGETHER with distros and there we are looking right now at distros like Kubuntu and not at openSUSE because openSUSE is crap. Yast? Not for real, not for users. We need a distro that gives KDE the basic it needs and the possibility to control everything with one tool that is damn easy for everyone but can be expanded to make even professionals happy. I’m URGING all the KDE developers to keep that in mind and I might join them in a few days. I have some concepts and ideas in my mind floating around but need to be thought-through before anything “goes live”. There is a vision for KDE in my brain that can unite distros and users together to bring up a KDE experience that joins a Mac experience. And I want to see people have fun with computers (again) because when I see someone in an Apple Store on a Mac and he or she has never used it before in his life, I see them smiling and joy all over their face and thats what KDE should bring to the user: a real experience. Think different. Think open. Think easy.

One Response to “Supporting the Kommunity? Why KDE/Kubuntu has to be supported!”

  1. 1 Hugo

    Nice post. KDE is so much better than Gnome… and more attractive for the new users. I’m a linux newbie, but i’ve already installed kubuntu on my friend’s pc. He used windows his whole life and now he’s happy with kubuntu and digging on linux concepts.

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