The Ubuntu issues: bcm43xx, kvm


Just an interesting note. A lot of people who enter this blog and find it with google, … come here with the terms “ubuntu broke kvm feisty” or “bcm43xx issue” or something similar. I haven’t checked the situation lately but this makes me seem that they put out an release that had two significant problems and didn’t take care of them?

Does this mean both issues got into the final releases? Come on… tell me!

2 Responses to “The Ubuntu issues: bcm43xx, kvm”

  1. Sorry to repeat – but just in case you didn’t read the other post.


    I’m guessing you probably resolved this by now – but if you haven’t.
    Check out my post about my Dell Inspirion 710m – I managed to get my wifi using the bcm43xx with a ndiswrapper and dell driver which includes my card.


  2. 2 peterpparker

    This post is not about me and I knew the whole time to solve this issue with a ndiswrapper solution but I wanted to check back about other users and how the situation is with Ubuntu today.

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