Ubuntu drops Kubuntu


Okay, I have to admit I love the word drop in my latest blog entrys so here we go again:

Ubuntu went to 7 like Kubuntu and the other ones too and ubuntu.com was turned into a shiny new website (well I don’t like it that much and I don’t think it gets the user to the information he wants really fast but… well is was new and looked somekind of appealing). So the Ubuntu distro got a new website to show of but who didn’t get a new website? Kubuntu and probably the other Yubuntu (haha can’t use X here) distros too. Why? It shows that KDE is still some kind of little sister of Ubuntu and doesn’t get the appreceation it should get.

Despite the fact that Gnome is running into no direction KDE 4 is really promising but really needs people to work for it and supporters that might be able to put some supporting money/developer power behind it. Hello Cannonical!? They do sponsor some developers and begin to show up on KDE shows but I think there is still room for a whole lot more.

I guess this is just a space filler because I just had that idea with the website and it was bothering me so… come on get the Kubuntu team a damn good website too.


One Response to “Ubuntu drops Kubuntu”

  1. 1 Robert Persson

    Kubuntu has never had equal status to Gnome-based Ubuntu as far as the marketing of Ubuntu is concerned. However as far as implementation goes, there is nothing inferior about Kubuntu and no sign that that is about to change. I expect the same is true for Xubuntu, Edubuntu and Ubuntu Studio. After all, if Ubuntu did not provide a viable KDE environment etc, then it would not be offering what Linux users have come to expect from a mainstream desktop distribution.

    That said, I agree with you that Kubuntu deserves more recognition than Gnome-based Ubuntu. In my opinion it is far more user-friendly. I would love Gnome to become more flexible because I find it is much faster and more responsive than KDE, but that isn’t going to happen tomorrow. I certainly relate to the frustration Linus Torvalds expressed towards the Gnome developers earlier this year. I fail to see, for instance, why it shouldn’t be possible to manage file associations in Gnome. This still causes frustration when I choose to use a GTK app like Firefox and I have to edit about:config simply in order to open a RealPlayer stream in my own choice of application. And in many cases there just aren’t GTK/Gnome applications that match up to their KDE equivalents; I am thinking particularly of Amarok, but Konqueror and K3B also come to mind.

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