Dell drops 10% of its workers: DID I PREDICT IT???


Welcome in the world of tomorrow.

That was the background of my last story. I put up on how Dell was going to use Linux to be more efficent in money making and just the day later they announce that they will fire 10% of their workers, 8000 people on the street, to make even more profit? Rings a bell??? Paying for Linux? Screw yourself…

You might want to read my comment to clear up any heat of debate: http://peterpp…workers-did-i-predict-it/#comment-113


2 Responses to “Dell drops 10% of its workers: DID I PREDICT IT???”

  1. 1 Don

    Can you be sure that it is LInux? Dell is only selling Ubuntu laptops/desktops in the USA. I sooner think it is the outsourcing model in general and the tremendous inexpensive labor surplus in general that cost those folks their jobs. Dell will have a larger Linux market in south Asia, and most of the third world than it will attempting to market computers offering Windows. Actually the Ubuntu deal could add to greater profitability for Dell that could translate a more stable employment environment. đŸ™‚ Don

  2. 2 peterpparker

    I’m sorry but I think your smiley is supposed to tell me that you didn’t take it that way.

    Linux is in no way responsible that these workers are losing there job and it might even lead to a more profitable Dell but the core of my point was that with thinks like a Linux for 0$, the result can be a firing of workers. Who would have to work for the Windows group at Microsoft if Dell would get Windows for free? I’m just warning because I’m afraid that Dell will use the Linux community and barely give back and that right from the beginning Linux should have a strong voice in this matter and ask for something in return like documents about drivers and support for developers!

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