Linux, end, money (sell-out, again)… Prepare for crappy KDE? End of Gnome? End of Linux.


Welcome in the world of tomorrow.

While Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are hanging out together and having a great time on stage, we see Linux move foward to – whatever – nothing. The guy who brought Linux on the Dell finally got that done but where is the Linux world really heading? Nowhere!

Nothing has happened in the user-friendly section really only a few HIG and “Lets create a friendly GUI” groups have come together to do some background work that never made it to the final desktop. Just an awesome sign on how well the Linux development process is going. If we would be in a large cooperation there would be a meeting where the Desktop market would be killed off to only go for the Server market. But no one wants Linux to be commercial but none the less the major ones have decided upon Linux future and the Linux developers haven’t listened to the people, to the real users. So Red Hat, Novell and IBM continue to make money from Linux and contribute as much as they need to maintain their level of profit from Linux. Nothing against the rules of course but shouldn’t they listen to users too? Will they only support the mainstream Desktop when Linux already is starting to win it over? This is just crap. The Dell guys finally are making profit from Linux and why are they offering Linux? Because a lot of people said “Offer Linux and you get my f***ing money” and what do these companys want? Money! This is a complete sell-out. Linux is handing itself over to the capitalists without getting something in return. The people over at Dell could have spend 3-6 months talking to developers and setting up a plan to get a Ubuntu/Linux on their machines that would come right off with a nice Desktop, Media Center-thing and awesome applications, maybe finally a nice Office suite and a good working photo editor and not the crappy GIMP that isn’t user friendly at all. Just spending some money on it and offering a Mac-like Desktop that would blow away the customers but, no, it would cost something and therefore they didn’t do it. It’s the same with Apple. They did share some code with the Linux community, like browser stuff from the KDE people and now Mac finally runs on Intel-machines but, hey wait, they won’t show their code to everyone to make Mac run on all the Intel-machines. They took something that was good and made money out of it and boom they are gone. Negative. Welcome to the Linux sell-out, no but who will speak up???

What coming up in the Linux world? Anything positive?

KDE 4, welcome to the never ending story. They will pull together the strings and put something out there that is new but they won’t have the potential to bring on the desktop revolution. Timewise. Moneywise.

Gnome, welcome to the not existing future of this project… Lets stay 2.x forever and ever and ever…

Linux 2.8, never to happen…

Time for some comments???


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