ATI driver and Beryl&XGL fun


Today I took Kubuntu to the next level and put on the right graphic driver which went pretty good though I did research before so I didn’t see a perfect way that the user would have a guided driver installation. I would put that on the ToDo list too because when the graphics are gone a simple user doesn’t work on a shell that easily and can’t do the trick to put back in an old xorg.conf backup that works and so on.

Then getting beryl to run, nice site the beryl project got there and nice wiki but what the hell are their doing there? It’s basicly a “throw everything out there” wiki so every solution is possible but why doesn’t someone just make it work right away?

Well here is my version of the thing…

1. Install fglrx package
2. Modify xorg.conf (put the composite-thing disable) in (by the way: removed all the wacom stuff, what the hell is that for???)
3. Got xgl, beryl and emerald and aquamarine in my case
4. Took the from the wiki  (ubuntu feisty installation) and put exec beryl at the end

Sounds pretty easy in these little 4 steps and didn’t take to long but how in the world could someone that doesn’t know that much about computer should do it?

Okay, still questionable if beryl should be a default install/available thing because the manager is so full of things that again “too much”!

Well fancy beryl stuff for me today but is it really usefull?


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