Kubuntu Feisty release: call it off!


I’ve just been using it for a few hours and I’m scared of the many mistakes that are coming up in this release. The system settings dialogues are the worst I’ve ever seen! Full of settings but often useless or badly organized how should a normal computer user use this control center to get things right on his computer!!!???

I will start to write an report about all the issues but for now let me bring up some examples so nobody can say that I’m just throwing it out here.

For example: KNetworkManager is a nice one and can configure the network quite nice though the Network Settings module from System Settings does not equal it in functions so you can’t use WPA for example in static configuration in the later one but still KNetworkManager links to the Network Settings dialogue when you click on static connection. Very bad in my opinion!

Well just the whole system settings thing is messed up, take the style settings where the user is offered options he cannot even comprehend well even I don’t want to set every edge of my KDE theme a diffrent way and so on. Don’t let the user get lost!!!

Language configuation is screwed… when there is German installed for OpenOffice it opens up in German on an account that has set it’s own language to English. Happy using for an international user who doesn’t know German quite well.

Yeah and I love those System settings dialogue that have the hidden Administrator Mode button so you need to scroll down and to the right before you can click it. Damn it! Get these dialogues short, simple and easy!

I will start to write all the details next to screenshots pretty soon so stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Kubuntu Feisty release: call it off!”

  1. 1 oskar

    Those are not bugs, just your opinions on the layout. So why delay it. Make suggestions, don’t start a flamewar. I’ve been running it since Herd2… most stable alpha release I ever used. The gnome system Manager has been called off in Herd3 or 4, so you’re not really up to date on that… at least in Ubuntu… can’t believe they are keeping it in Kubuntu.

    How about some suggestions. If you say “Very bad in my opinion”… tell us why, and how they could improve it. Incoherent ranting isn’t going to help.

  2. 2 peterpparker

    I will make sure to write more clearly about the problems that I’m running in but the most important thing is I do report them and help fixing them so I’m not starting a flamewar and I’m suggesting ideas. Take a look at my reply to the bcm43xx issue.

    Just to pick one issue up… setting up a static WLAN connection doesn’t offer you to chose WPA only WEP so you can’t setup a static WLAN with WPA connection without going into the terminals and thats a point were simple users will fail.

    Expect more…

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