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Today I took Kubuntu to the next level and put on the right graphic driver which went pretty good though I did research before so I didn’t see a perfect way that the user would have a guided driver installation. I would put that on the ToDo list too because when the graphics are gone […]

I’ve just been using it for a few hours and I’m scared of the many mistakes that are coming up in this release. The system settings dialogues are the worst I’ve ever seen! Full of settings but often useless or badly organized how should a normal computer user use this control center to get things […]

Just got going with the Feisty Fawn Herd 5 test release of Kubuntu and it’s not the state of testing I’m complaining about, it’s more thinks have been probably on Kubuntu already for a longer time but putting a 7. out there before fixing these issues is a mistake because users will think – wow […]

Well the news is going around the net that KDE 4.0 will be released by October 23rd. This is a very early date and will most-likely not be the final day. The worst part probably though is that it is a Tuesday. I think were are looking more at a Monday-release well and at a […]

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